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Oh my

They're the dopest! but umm love um. Kanye more.

They had a photo shoot with Terry Richardson. google him.here's two of the pics.


My fav


All Summer

NEW VID : Kid Cudi, Rostam Batmanglij, and Best Coast

called All Summer. Man! this vid made the song so much better!

Kid Cudi <3

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LET'S bless this new blog with my first post being about my favorite person everrr! YES I'm talking about M.I.A! She's loud, crazy, colorful and most important POWERFUL. I'm sure you've all heard of her troubles with the American govt. If not the short story to it : they don't like her! Sad but she won't let that stop her. Here is my tribute to her :

“I thought being different was a bad thing, but then I realized it was just different because it hadn’t been done before.”

M.I.A; Nylon Mag. June/July issue 2010

(not the pic below)

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New Album Cover

/\/\ /\ Y /\

A lotta noise involved with this project but ayee what's MIA without noise!! I read somewhere that in her first track of the album, Steppin Up, she had a beat to it but was leaving the studio and hear drilling going on outside, told the producer and that replaced the beat. Only MIA. My favorite track on this one is XXXO. The message is insane! I love it.


"Yeah,I got more records than the KGB. So, uh, no funny business!!" - MIA; Paper Planes


Erase Me

Title of the song...yes this blog will advertise EVERYTHING Kid Cudi comes out with. He is my super boo : ) featuring Kanye. Its different, very rock like. I hope this isn't a permeate change. I like this but I like the mixtape Cudi better (Man on the Moon).



[soundcloud width="100%" height="81" params="" url="http://soundcloud.com/hypetrak/kid-cudi-featuring-kanye-west-erase-me"]


Tryin this Out

So the reason I started this was so I can show suckers I can do what I want! lol nah but I'm trying this photography thing out. It's cool, helpin me out so when I start directing and shooting footage it should be dope. So here some stuff I found on my laptop. Yall should like these : ) EXCLUSIVE! haha. The first one is Pharrell! then K'naan and some chick that was creating madness when I saw Girl Talk (he's a dj). These are two different concerts I went to in April. Man I had the best time evaaa! Sorry I can't share all the pics. I'm stingy. lol No but I will at a later time. just have a taste now.




Right now I'm trying to step away from the bias of politics...drives me crazy!! left and right. but this picture really gave me hope : )

Taken by Terry Richardson. His pictures are so dope! captures a lot most photographers seem to brush over.


: ]

must. get. these!!! I'm no sneaker head but I loveeee these Raptor 7s. mannn i will take care of these babies so well if I do.




I'm not actually homeless but honestly half the time I feel like I am. People are so surprised when I tell them good ol' Silver Spring isn't the place for me. I just can't live in this place, just how it is. I really hope I can one day call Philly my home, I'm really falling in love. It's just funny how the natives think I'm crazy as well. but here some shots I took one spring afternoon.



Found this couple weeks ago. it pretty much scared me shitless. but I'm a HUGE fan of her music. To bad America refuses to see that and just focuses on the flaws. She's probably the best at what she does, no joke.



We beggedddd and wondered and she came back : ) Still soundin the same, couldn't ask for more. Heard it yesterday and melted!