PowerOn: Contra Versa

Source: Contra-versa.blogspot.com

This PowerOn feature is definantly a power giving situation in the sense that we often look down on our youth and wouldn't really assume much from them as far as building careers but this duo is beating whatever odds that were giviin and are on their way to achieving big things. 17 year old Alasia and 16 year old Jarez reached out to me and introduced me to their movement, Contra Versa. Read the Q&A I had with the two and you might be inspired by their maturaty and hardwork they are enduring to succed in their art.


Where are you from?

Alasia: I'm from Alexandria, VA, but I live in Maryland

Jarez: I'm from Brooklyn, New York but live in Maryland

What is your craft/focus within art?

A: Art and fashion are a never-ending course. My main focus in art is being innovative, by creating new ideas and displaying new things within it all. I think creativity is everything.

J: I see Art as all things that can somehow be visually appealing, whether it is through clothes, paintings, photography, or even the human body. My focus is to show that men can also be fashionable and that there is no age requirement in which you can start sparking your originality and work toward your dream.


You guys are young but seem to have a pretty good idea of what you want to do as far as a craft. What is Contra Versa? How did you guys come up with the concept and decide what you wanted to do?

A: Contra means in opposition or contrast to something. We are opposite of others in how we think, and view the world. Versa is also opposition, in that we don't care what others think, and we act on our own beliefs.

J: You can say Contra Versa means the opposite of opposites. In which we both can display and demonstrate or views on women and men fashion but also other fascinations of life.

Both: The concept of this came to mind from an idea we developed. We both talked about starting a blog. We are very interested in fashion and each had skills that could benefit each other. Seeing that I model and Alasia does photography we decided to team up to appeal to the eye of the world.

What would you like to accomplish with working together?

A: While teaming up with Jarez, we created a partnership where we both contribute to each other. We can show our fashion sense from a woman's point of view and a man's point of view.

J: With working with Alasia I would like to show that you can start a legit movement at a young age as long as you have ambition, creativity, and a goal, yo.

Both: Putting us two together can devise so much inspiration, man.


You guys chose a difficult path of being individuals where as the bulk of people choose to move in flocks. How did you both become so comfortable with who you are to put yourself out there and most importantly your craft?

A: I've always been comfortable being different, and the blog is our way of showing people that one can be different by just being themselves. I enjoy expressing my sense of style so it is easy being comfortable doing something you love.

J: Ever since I was younger I had a feeling I would be different seeing how I could never fit in with what others were doing. I never really looked up to no one but myself; guess you can say I’m my own inspiration. Hopefully one day I can become a motivational figure to others.


What is the importance of working together to you? As far as networking and working as teams as well.

J: If we are both able to create a huge individual fan base, then with combining it together we can have a greater chance of getting our views out. If both of us put in a lot of effort there’s no telling how much we can accomplish.

A: We each have our contributions to Contra Versa and working together has allowed us to establish a foundation for the blog. We hope to be bigger in the future.

You guys are young in the sense of establishing your craft. Most people don't even know what they want to do until they get to college or after. Do you fear your craft won't be as respected?

A: It is always good to have a sense of what one wants to do in life at an early age. In the fashion industry, experience is key. As we grow more and get more recognition, many will understand our intentions with the blog.

J: Even though a lot of opportunities are restricted due to our age, with time greatness will form. As long as we keep a good ambition and mind set people will start to recognize what we are trying to portray.


What are some things you guys are working on that we should look out for?

Both: A big event we are attending next month is Dc Fashion Week, so everyone should expect to see some great pictures and feedback from the event.


Thanks Alasia and Jerez for reaching out and talking with me! Bright future ahead of you both!

Visit their blog at Contra-versa.blogspot.com!